Mexico’s Independence Day

September 8, 2023

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The Mexican War of Independence was a historical process that took place in the early 19th century, resulting in Mexico's emancipation from Spanish colonial rule. Here's a summary of what the Mexican War of Independence is about:


The struggle for Mexican independence unfolded mainly between 1810 and 1821, led by a diverse group of insurgents, with figures like Miguel Hidalgo and José María Morelos prominent among them. These leaders sought to end over three centuries of Spanish colonial domination and establish autonomous governance for Mexico.


The official commencement of the independence struggle occurred on September 16, 1810, when Miguel Hidalgo, a Catholic priest, delivered the famous "Grito de Dolores" in the town of Dolores (now Dolores Hidalgo), calling on the people to rise up against Spanish oppression.


The fight for independence went through various stages and faced significant challenges, including Spanish military interventions and opposition from groups loyal to the Spanish crown in Mexico. Throughout the struggle, leaders like José María Morelos and Vicente Guerrero emerged, continuing the fight for independence.


Ultimately, on September 27, 1821, the Treaty of Córdoba was signed, marking the official recognition of Mexico's independence by Spain. However, Mexico's independence was not fully consolidated until the entry of the Trigarante Army, led by Agustín de Iturbide, into Mexico City in 1821.


The Mexican War of Independence led to the formation of a new nation, which struggled to establish its own system of government and define its national identity in the decades that followed. This historical process left an indelible mark on Mexican culture and identity and is commemorated every year on Independence Day, September 16th.


The importance of Mexican independence lies in its liberation from Spanish colonial rule, the formation of a national identity, inspiration for similar movements across Latin America, the establishment of political stability, and international recognition as an independent nation.


"El Retablo de la Independencia" by Diego Rivera




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